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Pirate Tycoon

I had a fab surprise waiting for me when I got home from work today. A box with half dozen hardback copies of Pirate Tycoon, Forbidden Baby.

Sure, I knew I’d get a few copies of this first edition. Yes, I’ve been anxiously awaiting a glimpse of the cover.

You see, my heroine is preggers, and I couldn’t imagine how they’d do the artwork and still make it sexy. Well, wow, they did.

I’m just thrilled that the cover gods smiled on me again. Soon, I hope to be able to post the cover on my website. It’s still not up at the various online bookstores either.

But wow, I’m just thrilled to hold this hardback in my hands. :)

Out of business

Next weekend our local Waldenbooks will close its doors for good. I knew it was probable it would get the ax — so many Waldenbook stores have been closed the past few years thanks to the economy and the huge shake up at Borders.

The Borders closings have been numerous across the US.

But this closing hits hard. It’s the only full service bookstore we have, and it holds very fond memories for me.

I started buying books there when I was in high school. I feed my monstrous reading habit through that store. I bought a good deal of my research books through there. And I had signings of my first two Western romance novels there.

No more.

I hate to think where the bookstore closings will end, but I hope that its soon. (Like yesterday would be it for years and years.)

So here’s my thanks to Brenda and crew for all the hard work they did keeping our store alive as long as possible. You all made my signings very special.

I wish each of you the best.

The Secret She Kept by Amy Knupp

Book #3 of the Salinger Sister Trilogy releases Jan 13!


Sometimes secrets have a life of their own.

She never ever thought Jake Barnes would know the truth. When he left town without any warning, Savannah couldn’t tell him she was pregnant. He didn’t give her the chance. So now—years later—because he’s back and finds out he has a child, suddenly she’s the villain…. How is that fair?

Savannah Salinger raised her daughter and she knows what’s best for her own kid. But she can’t seem to push Jake away, and having the infuriating man so close…so close to her…stirs up all those feelings she thought were buried as deep as the secret she swore she’d never tell.

Read about all of Amy’s books at www.amyknupp.com

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