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Spring cleaning

Out with the old, in with the new. Time for a new website design. Do you like it?

Yes, I’m alive

It doesn’t seem as if two weeks have passed since I returned from the RT Convention in L.A. It was chilly there, and still is here. What’s with that?

Thanks to Jennie Lucas, I was talked into doing the early bird tour of RT, so we arrived several days before the convention began so take in L.A. And oh, we had much fun.

Later in the week, I teamed up with fellow Present author Lynn Raye Harris, Present Extra/Riva author Kimberly Lawrence, Blaze author Kira Sinclair, and Desire author Olivia Gates as we ventured downtown L.A. at night on a quick must-shop trip.

Wow, the things a person sees when they don’t have a camera!

And speaking of cameras, I intend to post pictures of the vacation part of my trip on my website soon.

Right now I’m slammed with copy edits for the last book in the Lost Sons trilogy from Kensington, plus I was just a few days away from finishing a proposal for my Presents editor. Grr. Hate it when the two publishing houses clash on the most important time constraints!

That’s the writing life for me right now.

I brought back books from L.A., and will be hosting a contest soon on my newsletter. Sign up if you want a chance to win free books, and free goodies from the convention.

SUVs on ice

Last year we had a horrifically cold and snowpacked winter. We lucked out this year and have had moderate temps and just a dusting of snow.

Until this last weekend.

The snow wasn’t deep — only 7.5″ of the white stuff. But the below freezing temps are brutal.

It really hurts more when you’ve had mild weather, and then get slapped with this cold icy stuff.

Monday was the worst. I made it to work — left home early arrived late due to the driving conditions. Coming home that late afternoon, I did fine until I was a little over a mile from my house.

I hit a patch of ice and nearly lost it when I pulled out of a side street onto a major road that should have been better cleared. I hit a patch of ice and came dangerously close to doing a 180 in the middle of a four lane.

Somehow I did the steering thing — go left, go right, go left until the car righted itself and was going straight. I was very lucky I didn’t end up off road or hit by a double lane of cars coming up too fast behind me.

Took about 30 minutes for my legs and arms to stop shaking!

Ok, enough winter. Spring, please come soon!!!!

December winners!

Congrats to the two winners of my December contest.

The winner of an autographed copy of In a Cowboy’s Arms is Bertie W.

The winner of an autographed copy of Captured and Crowned is Anne F.

I’ll get your books mailed soon. Thanks to everyone who entered.

December contest deadline is a few days away…

There’s still time to enter my contest and win a signed copy of In a Cowboy’s Arms or Captured and Crowned. Just follow the instructions given in the December newsletter. The winners will be announced here the first week or so in January. Good luck!

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