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Tragic floods in Nashville

My heart goes out to those who’ve suffered loss with the recent devasting floods in the Nashville area.

Romance Writers of America had planned to hold their annual conference there this July, but the Opryland hotel was hit hard when the levies on the Cumberland River broke. They’ve had to turn us away nearly last minute which meant we had to find another venue to host the conference.

Just the other day RWA found a place to host our conference, and on the same dates which was very important. Maybe attendees and related personahad scheduled time off from work to go at that last week in July, so to change dates would have had a horrid impact on our organization.

So instead of going to beautiful Nashville where country music legends are born, we’re going to Orlando, Florida — Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin — the land were dreams come true. :)

Again, my thoughts and prayers are with those hit by this devastating flood.

Under deadline — my mantra

I can’t remember when I wasn’t under deadline now. Not that I’m complaining about being a published author, but my deadlines have been so tight for nearly two years that I’ve turned one book in on time and began a new deadline with a new book. And to me they were deadlines because I have had anywhere from one month to three months to write a new novel. eek!

Anyway, I’ve just turned in the revisions for my fourth Presents novel — this is King Kristo Stanrakis’ and Demetria Andreou’s love story. My first royal couple that I probably thought about waaaay too long before writing. Anyway the editor loved the changes. Woohoo!!!

So now (guess what?) I’m under deadline again to write my first continuity. June 1st is the deadline, and also the release date for my Italian stallion — Innocent in the Italian’s Possession. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this novel and hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

I am going to try to make the effort now to blog here once a week, and occassionally offer up a surprise prize. So drop in from time to time and say hi.

Okay, the deadline calleth. :) Blog session is over and back to writing.

Namesake contest #3 winner still pending

Ronald and Zella, please check your spam folders. The deadline for the contest is Sunday. If neither of you respond to my email before then I’ll have to cancel the Namesake #3 contest. :(

Nudging the October Contest Winners

The October winners haven’t emailed me yet to claim their books.

Please check my contest page. If the winners don’t contact me by Dec 1, I’ll draw new winners from those who entered.

BookTalk interview & contest

I’m giving away an autographed copy of A Cowboy Christmas on BookTalk!

Event: Online Interview and Contest with JANETTE KENNY
What: Preview
Start Time: Saturday, October 31 at 8:00am
End Time: Thursday, November 5 at 5:00pm
Where: online at BookTalk.

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